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[Ts4]Taty_Lips_63 1.1

Lips for Female & Male

  1. KitOnlyHuman
    Version: 1.1
    Also for men! These lips are beautifully shiny and kissable. What more do you need for your Sims on their date night? The colors look gorgeous on custom skins and standalone on Maxis skins.
    1. Taty86
      Author's Response
      Oh thank you so much!! *_*
  2. Ceres
    Version: 1.0
    You got me. >.< lol I try to stay away from makeup CC (because it's so easy to go out of control with it) but these lipsticks really surprised me. They look great in game, and add enough realism to change up a sim's look, but not so much that it looks out of place in a vanilla game. I really like that it is versatile enough to match with Maxis or CC makeups. The best of both worlds! The only drawback I found was that my male sims can't enjoy them too. That was fully noted in the details, though, so it was not unexpected. Thank you for sharing these beautiful glosses!
    1. Taty86
      Author's Response
      Thak you!!! I'm so happy that you like my lips!!! ♥ If you want I can update the lips also for men...so far no one has asked me, but it takes a moment ;D