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[Ts4]Taty_Lips_70 1.1

Lips for Female & Male

  1. Taty86
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder

    - Female, Male
    - Human, Alien
    - Teen to Elder
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Recent Updates

  1. Added Male Version

Recent Reviews

  1. valuccia85
    Version: 1.1
    Tonalità meravigliose! Sembrano veri *_____*
    1. Taty86
      Author's Response
      Grazie mille!! Sei troppo gentile!!! ^///^
  2. Ceres
    Version: 1.0
    These are a great matte lip color that is really versatile! I love it!!! It looked really nice across multiple skin tones from light to dark as well. The color selection is great and I love these lips on all my sims! Thank you!!!
    1. Taty86
      Author's Response
      I'm happy that you like it! ^^