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TS4's Beginner Funds 1.5

CAS and Gallery instant Startings funds

  1. MrBASins
    This has been updated for TS4's Newest Patch (2/5/2019 - PC / Mac 20)

    Tired of starting with limited funds?

    Any of these funds become available after you create your personal sims and/or any sims that are download via maxis sims gallery

    I have coded some options to help you avoid this below has 7 different options to pick from!.

    • Updated! "TS4 Beginner Funds (150K Plus 50k per sims)"
    • Updated! "TS4 Beginner Funds (250K Plus 40k per sims)"
    • Updated! "TS4 Beginner Funds (350K Plus 30k per sims)"
    • Updated! "TS4 Beginner Funds (450K Plus 20k per sims)"
    • Updated! "TS4 Beginner Funds (500K Plus 10k per sims)"
    • Updated! "TS4 Beginner Funds (1M Plus $500 per sims)"
    • Along some, New ones.

    Special Notice: Please keep in mind that you need only one package. I have all The Sims 4 Stuff/Expansions packs installed, this Modification does not require another EP, SP, or GP. These do not override any other content as this standalone and do not conflict with any other mod(s) etc., and/or need to have an updated patch to use them.

    Q: Do I have other options?

    A: Yes; but only use/install one!

    Downloading info: These downloads are CC free and have no additional mod is required to use them. Just download and place "ONLY ONE!" of these packages to your "Mods folder", that is it.

    Requirements; The Sims 4 Base game with/out any stuff or expansion packs installed! Feel free to comment and/or ask any question(s).

    I hope you enjoy and happy Simming.
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