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Tumblr Tiled Floor Package 1.0

10 different styled tiles

  1. Rachel's Sim Stuff
    Floor Type:
    • Tile
    So I’m addicted to making this stuff. Again, these floors aren’t perfect but I thought I’d share them with this community anyway. Any feedback is appreciated :)

    There’s about 10 again in a whole bunch of different styles. Some of them match my upcoming tiled walls and some don’t.

    tumblr_inline_nr7ldieYGi1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr7lmz2iPE1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr7lnjAnMT1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr7lotQf7U1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr7lpzp9vJ1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr7lr3puCL1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr7ls4ylHX1twf1ep_500.png

Recent Reviews

  1. bleach
    Version: 1.0
    These patterns look amazing, as always

    Thanks for making such beautful designs!!!