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Men's Tuxedo Top ( 3 variants ) 1.1

set of 3 meshes of tuxedo top

  1. monkeysimmy4
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder
    Clothing Style:
    • Everyday
    • Formal
    • Party
    Clothing Type:
    • Tops
    Alert!! Please re-download for anyone who has previous version, There was serious issue with long vest mesh. Also, I have fixed black and white tuxedo color and add addional 6 swatches for each variants.

    Hello again, This time I bring a classy touch to your male sims.

    I made 3 variants of tuxedos for spicing up your tastes. No vest / Short vest / Long vest. All in similar swatches choices.

    For mesh, I combine base_game_tuxedo neck and collar, base_game_shirt_with_blazer and get_together_vest (for short vest) and romactic_garden_vest (for long vest). It should worked fine since i edited EA meshes.

    For textures, I add 8 swatches (similar swatches since I use shirt_with_blazer as core body. So i can copy those layers to other variants). If you would like to recolor, Feel free to do it.

    It should worked fine with all body morphs, as the screenshot shows

    It should worked fine with all of LOD, since i hand-decimate each variants LOD by LOD

    For anyone who wish to recolor them, I provide these PSD (photoshop) file for you.

    No vest
    Short vest
    Long vest

    Happy Simming and Carpe noctem!!


    1. tuxedo_icon.png
    2. Tuxedo_promo_teaser.png
    3. tuxedo_bodymorph.png
    4. tuxedo_perspectiveview.png
    5. tuxedo_mesh_category.png
    6. tuxedo_novest_colors_1.png
    7. tuxedo_novest_colors_2.png
    8. tuxedo_shortvest_colors_1.png
    9. tuxedo_shortvest_colors_2.png
    10. tuxedo_longvest_colors_1.png
    11. tuxedo_longvest_colors_2.png
    12. 07-09-16_12-21-48 AM.png
    13. 07-09-16_12-24-01 AM.png
    14. tuxedo_longvest_colors_3.png

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed 3 variants of male tuxedos