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Vampire Trait 1.0

Vampires on the prowl

  1. SimsOMedia
    Windows 10
    Vampires are normally considered undead, but these sims are very much alive. While vampires are thought of to generally be seductive, each vampire is different. Sims are easily enamored by vampires, and enjoy being around them, whether as their companion, or something more is only for you to decide.

    Special Characteristics: These sims do not age. I decreased the rate of decay for Energy, and Hygiene by 50%, and decreased Bladder by 20%. The rate of decay for Hunger, Fun, and Social was increased by 10%. Fun, Social, and Energy moodlets are gained 20% faster, and Hunger is gained 50% faster. Vampires get an increase in skill rate for all creative, mental, physical, social, and athletic skills by 20%.


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