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Vixx LR double bed 1.0

Duvet cover from Vixx LR with a picture of Leo and Ravi on it.

  1. Mellanie
    • Bedroom
    • Children
    Recolour by me. Free to remesh, just credit me please~

    A duvet cover of Vixx LR from the new song Beautiful liar. With a picture of Leo and Ravi on the sheets. A K-pop boy band from Korea. In sim and real version.

    Check my profile for more upcoming recolours from k-pop bands!

    Install instructions:
    Unpack the .rar file and place it in your mods folder.
    my documents -> electronic arts -> sims 4 -> Mods

    Credit to:
    Thanks to my best friend for grammar checking.


    1. 29-1-16_22-51-25.png
    2. 29-1-16_22-51-45.png
    3. 29-1-16_22-52-02.png
    4. 29-1-16_22-52-17.png
    5. 29-1-16_22-52-30.png
    6. 29-1-16_22-52-48.png
    7. 29-1-16_22-53-17.png
    8. 29-1-16_22-53-34.png
    9. 29-1-16_22-54-40.png
    10. 29-1-16_22-50-44.png
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