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Voidcritter Card Store Set 2016-07-16

Objects to make your own card store with element specific booster packs!

  1. BrazenLotus
    • Children
    • Miscellaneous
    Required Sims 4 Expansion Pack:
    • Get to Work
    Required Sims 4 Stuff Pack:
    • Kids Room Stuff
    Additional Requirements:
    • Recoloring Allowed, with a linkback requiring my original mesh
    • Ask permission before using my original meshes
    • DO NOT include my objects in your uploads
    • Please see original creator policies regarding non-original meshes

    Kinda crazy that I finished my first project with tuning! So I’ve created booster packs that when opened will give you only Voidcritters from that particular element. These are a bit pricier but they will give your sims a greater chance of finding rares and foils. Please note that I created these to enhance the gameplay…NOT to make it super easy to find a rare or a foil. Statistically it’s still going to take buying a bunch of packs to get what you want…this just makes it a bit easier ;)

    These booster packs stack and can be put into 2 wall displays that match the immaculate wall display. There is also a glass counter to display them as well. For clutter’s sake I’ve included an open and closed booster box. Neither allow you to sell cards from them due to the in-game retail mechanics which will cause routing issues if you try to sell anything stacked in them. I’ve also created a multi-booster pack like the one you find in debug, but I edited mine to make it sellable in game. You can find the displays in Retail and the booster packs in Kids Activities.

    Although it’s not likely because of the type of mod this is, please let me know if any of you have issues. Enjoy!

    Objects Included:
    • Booster Pack - Water (Kids Room Stuff required!)
    • Booster Pack - Void (Kids Room Stuff required!)
    • Booster Pack - Multi (Kids Room Stuff required!)
    • Booster Pack - Fire (Kids Room Stuff required!)
    • Booster Pack - Air (Kids Room Stuff required!)
    • Booster Pack - Earth (Kids Room Stuff required!)
    • Glass Display Counter (Get To Work required!)
    • Booster Pack Box Open
    • Booster Pack Box Closed
    • Booster Box Display Shelf 1
    • Booster Box Display Shelf 2