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Wall Blankets 1.0

Wall hangings (mesh required)

  1. Standardheld
    • Decoration
    Additional Requirements:
    Requires both "wall hanging" meshes from tkangie's 350 followers gift. Download here: Souk Bargains
    Congratulation to tkangie for 350 follower. I like the wall hangings from the followers gift and decided to give them even more colors and patterns. Now I want to share them. Have fun!


    • They should be basegame compatible
    • Require mesh from tkangie’s 350 follower gift (both wall hanging packages)
    • Big and small wall blankets
    • To find under Build/Buy -> Decoration -> Wall decoration
    • Big version: 50 swatches
      Small version: 59 swatches
    • Standalone


    1. screenA.png
    2. screenB.png
    3. title_wallBlankets.png