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Woodwork Custom Furniture N Toys Menus 2017-01-31

Custom Menus for Woodworking Table

  1. Leniad
    Game PC Version
    Crafty Sims get additional menu Options


    Adds Toy and Custom Furniture Menus to Woodworking Table


    The mod adds categories to EA menu for woodwork table -Toy and Custom Furniture Menus - in the game.

    Toys and Custom Furniture to make these menus appear are in separate downloads added as they become available.

    The separate downloads of the toys and furniture are EA recolors (some toys are EA sculptures with toy tunings added)

    Requires: Custom Toys or Furniture to appear in game

    Custom Menus for Woodworking Table

    ---Creates a Menu for Toys

    --- Creates a Menu for Custom Furniture

    Requirement :

    1. Custom Toys or Furniture must be added to Mods folder for menu to appear in game.

    Made with Game PC Version

    Base Game Compatible


    Might conflict with any mod using the following resources

    E882D22F - 00000000 – 00000005623D533.woodworkingTable_StartCrafting_Sculpture.InteractionTuning

    E882D22F - 00000000 – 000000035A19CE4.woodworkingTable_StartCrafting.InteractionTuning

    Polygon Counts: None



    - K9DB

    -Sims 4 studio



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