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Woodworking Custom Furniture 7 - Toddler 2017-02-01

Custom Furniture for Woodworking Table

  1. Leniad
    • Bedroom
    • Children
    Additional Requirements:
    Requires WoodworkCustomFurnitureNToysMenus v1.1


    Remove original version because the file is renamed and will not override

    Download adds the following custom furniture to the woodwork table.

    Wooden Toddler Bookcase-------------------------lvl 4 polycount 734

    Wooden Toddler Dresser – Cozy Cubby---------lvl 4 polycount 874

    Wooden Toddler Mega High Chair----------------lvl 5 polycount 372

    Wooden Toddler Mission Bed 1--------------------lvl 5 polycount 752

    Wooden Toddler Potty-------------------------------lvl 2 polycount 370

    Woodworking Custom Furniture 7 - Toddler

    ---Available to woodworker depending on skill level

    ---not a buy option

    Made with Game PC Version

    Base Game Compatible

    Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod



    - K9DB

    -Sims 4 studio