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Xld_Sims: Drowned Out [Skin Overlay] 2016-08-26

A skin overlay mod for your sims!

  1. Xld_Sims
    I’ve been hording this for a while now and use it extensively because of EA’s atrocious skin textures. The skin blend I’ve got here is pretty much a mash of @lumialoversimsOooh...Smooth & Ooh Smooth skin overlays + extra bits and flavors :). They were both two great skins, however they both had something I wanted (mostly for the male skin blends). The eye for one in the Oooh...Smooth (1), had some nice painted double eye-lids which were very good eye overlays on certain sims; and they created a wider variety of eye-types when added on mono-lid eyes.

    For the male torso, I had mashed the chest section of the Ooh Smooth 2 with his older Oooh...Smooth ab definitions. For the female torso, most remained relatively the same and base on the first Oooh...Smooth skin.

    Now for the extra bits. Because I’ve never really seen much of any “outie” type belly buttons on mm skin blends, I added one as a variant that you can use instead of an “innie”.

    Aaaaaand another important addition...An extra skin overlay variant which includes a more opaque + smoothened overlay which reduces the visibility of ab definitions on fitter/muscular pregnant sims. This also comes in a innie/outie variant. So finally! Say goodbye to those pesky abs covering your sims’ baby filled belly! It couldn’t be more annoying to look at really...

    So overall, there are 16 variants to choose from, depending on your sims’ situation or desired appearance:

    MA/MB - Male Innie Skinblend Variants

    MC/MD - Male Outie Skinblend Variants

    ME/MF - Pregnant Male Outie Skinblend Variants

    MG/MH - Pregnant Male Innie Skinblend Variants

    FA/FB - Female Innie Skinblend Variants

    FC/FD - Female Outie Skinblend Variants

    FE/FF - Pregnant Female Outie Skinblend Variants

    FG/FH - Pregnant Female Innie Skinblend Variants

    Note: The variation between each variant is also whether they are a ‘painted double eye lid variant’ or a ‘free eye’ variant.

    So, as usual, enjoy this skin blend (and thanks to @lumialoversims for allowing my to release my edit :))

    Oh and a quick recommendation ~ if you want to further reduce the definition of abs (cause they can be pretty damn ridiculous), I’d recommend using this with the Ooh Smoothish Default Skin. Works hella good :D
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