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Unisex Xld_Sims: Human Standard Full Body Fatigues 2016-11-30

A full body military fatigue outfit from Mass Effect!

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Heeeeey. Got some more Mass Effect content for you. This time around, it’s the entire full body fatigues for both male and female sims :eek:

    Overall, the general details are that they have all LODs and have morph/slider compatibility (however there are a some seam issues between the shoes and top/bot fatigues in the female outfit, minor but somewhat unresolvable, try as I may). They also come in the stated swatches/colors above with three Alliance variations (including a modified version of it to fit the 2183/Mass Effect 1 uniforms), one Cerberus and a single desat uniform fatigue.

    The actual fatigues (while an outfit and appears as a full body set), is separated into shoes and a merged top/bot set under the outfit category. To spot the shoes, they’ll appears as horrible fitting, crazily textured footwear (I’m not exactly a fan of adding custom icons since they look out of place in the CAS menu). The top/bot fatigues in the outfits category should be much easier to spot.

    That’s about it, now you can go ahead, download it and enjoy :D