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Xld_Sims: Illusive Eyes 2016-03-19

A Set of glowing Eye Colors derived from ME's Illusive Man

  1. Xld_Sims
    Accessory Type:
    • Body Accessories
    This CC contains a set of glowing eye colors which genuinely glow in the dark which are styled after Illusive Man's iconic glowing blue cybernetic eyes.

    A few drawbacks...
    > You can only install one eye color for each type of file (L eye, R eye, R(inv) eye, L(inv) eye) as I can seem to find a way to make swatches work with emission maps

    > Pupil and Iris sizes are unaffected, which means they only have one size and cannot be changed (for the moment -- I'll look into this for V2.0)

    That is all :)