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Men's Xld_Sims: Spectre Alenko Hoodie 2016-09-25

Rendition of the Alenko Hoodie for TS4

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    Here’s the hoodie from the last posts of Kaidan I made. It’s of the Kaidan Armor Striped Hoodie Mk.II from the Bioware Store. Unfortunately, I haven’t made a female version of it, but nonetheless, if you have S4S, it only takes one checkbox/cc batch fix to make it compatible for females (though I may update it with a more high quality female equivalent). Anyway here it is for those who’ve been asking for it :)

    It’s worth noting that like the N7 Hoodie release, it comes with a game-accurate version of the hoodie for those that want it, and the regular slim-fit ts4 version [It’s a standalone because it has a different bump/norm map]. It also has the name-tag in both roman/latin script + simlish script! (like I usually do :p)
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