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Men's Xld_Sims: The Valkyrie 1.0

A new hairstyle for your male sims!

  1. Xld_Sims
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder
    Hair Type:
    • Regular Hair
    Here’s that hair I posted about just a day before. The basics of it is that it has all EA-base colors, is BGC and has all LODs. But unlike my other hairs, this hair is NOT, I repeat, NOT hat compatible. The way it’s been UV mapped will almost surely invade the UV slotting of most hats (except for my rendition of Joker’s SR2 hat XD).

    Tbh, the hair wasn’t exactly intended for hat compatibility but, instead, to ensure texture quality of the frankenmesh was as high as possible.

    ~Enjoy everyone :D If you have issues, let me know!