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Yato's Small Shrine 1.0

This adds Yato's Small Shrine from Noragami.

  1. Meihyr
    • Decoration
    • Miscellaneous
    Please don't use the mesh without asking me first!
    This adds Yato's Small Shrine from Noragami.
    Can be found and obtained in the misc section of decorations for free. This is apart of the Noragami Set.
    Custom mesh by me.

    Noragami © AdachiToka
    Textures came from Textures.com and were modified by me
    Used: WoodEnds0019, WoodFine0054, WoodPlanksBare0315, WoodFine0059, and WoodPlanksBare0448
    Mesh is made by me with the tools: Sims4Studio, Blender and Paint.NET

    CC Used in Screenshots:
    Good Fortune Cat by Nana
    Glory Flower by SIMCredible
    Asian Bedroom (Folding Screen) by Severinka


    1. Yato's Small Shrine.png