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BeyondSims 6 Iconic Houses from The Sims Re-Imagined in Real Life

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Global Community News' started by beyondsims, May 7, 2020.

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    There are many iconic moments which have defined The Sims franchise since it’s release in 2000 – everyone remembers their first time playing with The Goth family, meeting the town cassanova Don Lothario, or perhaps their not-so-pleasant experience with the Landgraab family.

    One of the many things people will remember from their countless hours of playing with these pre-made families is the houses that they lived in – we all have a soft spot for this!

    Angie’s List has paid homage to Sims houses throughout various iterations of the franchise to ceelbrate the 20th anniversary of the video game franchise. The team has curated 6 instantly recognisable homes and have rendered them in CGI, so we can get a glympse to see what they’re like in real life!

    The Goth House – The Sims 1

    Architectural style – Neo-queen Anne-style house

    Click to view slideshow.
    The Pleasant House – The Sims 2

    Architectural style – Stockbroker tudor-style house

    Click to view slideshow.
    The Caliente House – The Sims 4

    Artchitectural style – Mediterranean-style mansion

    Click to view slideshow.
    The Landgraab House – The Sims 4

    Architectural style – Modernist-style mansion

    Click to view slideshow.
    The Smith House – The Sims 2

    Architectural style – New England-style house

    Click to view slideshow.
    Don Lothario’s House – The Sims 2

    Architectural style – Modern condo

    Click to view slideshow.
    How phenomenal is it to see these houses re-imagined through the power of CGI?!

    If you want to learn more about all of the inspiration behind this, you can read more about their approach and inspiration at the Angie’s List website – they’re the masterminds behind this!

    Which one of these iconic homes would you want to live in?

    Please note: This is not a sponsored post

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