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BeyondSims Cottage Living, A New Expansion Pack, Revealed for The Sims 4

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Global Community News' started by beyondsims, Jun 10, 2021.

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    As part of the Summer of Sims, we have been waiting to learn more about the next expansion pack for The Sims 4.

    As part of the pre-marketing efforts to build some excitement, EA has been teasing a new location called “Henford-on-Bagley” by sending out postcards to some Simmers around the world, signed “A & A Crumplebottom”. In addition to this, they also released a clip showing Simmers reactions as they saw the trailer!

    Click to view slideshow.
    We are thrilled to announce that the new expansion is called Cottage Living and is launching on July 22nd for PC, Mac, Playstation and Xbox platforms!

    Watch the trailer below, and continue reading to learn more!

    You will be able to take your Sims back to having a simple life as they move into this quaint new world! The pack brings many animals such as rabbits, llamas, chickens, cows and foxes, which I think will excite many Simmers.

    The official key features from The Sims website include:

    • Raising and befriending animals – cows provide fresh milk and chickens lay eggs! You can also befriend the rabbits, foxes and birds in the forest!
    • Live off the land – grow produce, visit the village market, and even enter your oversize crops in the village fair!
    • Embrace Village Life – Explore the new village world, head to the pub, or even enjoy cross-stitching!

    If you order the pack by 2nd September, you will also be able to get bonus objects, which seems very similar to the tactics used in The Sims 3 days with the limited editions.


    What are your thoughts on the look of the new expansion?

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