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Mods Creating Your Own Grocery Objects

Discussion in 'Custom Content & Mod Discussions' started by SMagGeorge, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. SMagGeorge

    SMagGeorge Administrator
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    Jan 1, 2016
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    I want the Grocery Mod to become a community project. As such, here is a tutorial which lays out how to create objects that support the grocery mod!

    Step One: Preparation

    You will need to have your mesh ready, but, to make things easier for yourself, have only one swatch for the object at the moment.

    :confused: Why? Each swatch has it's own tuning, but once you change the tuning, every swatch created afterwards keeps your modified tuning. This way, you only have to change the definitions once.
    Open up your object in Sims 4 Studio. You need to decide which 'category' of grocery object your mesh falls under - it can be a produce stand, a freezer, or a flower bucket.


    Step Two: Tuning

    In Sims 4 Studio, click the Warehouse tab. Scroll down until you see Object Definition.


    Remember! If you have more than one swatch, you will need to change the Object Definition for every swatch.
    In the Data tab after clicking on Object Definition, scroll down to Tuning and Tuning ID.


    To make a PRODUCE STAND, change the Tuning and Tuning ID to...
    Tuning: gs:grocery.veggiestand
    Tuning ID: 18402235041831453479

    To make a FLOWER BUCKET, change the Tuning and Tuning ID to...
    Tuning: Cinderelli:FlowerBucket16022016
    Tuning ID: 13319561204138511733

    To make a FREEZER change the Tuning and Tuning ID to...
    Tuning: gsgrocery.freezer
    Tuning ID: 729473047820
    The freezer has the same tuning, regardless of whether or not the user has the Graycurse edition installed.

    Once you're done, press save.

    Step Three: Testing

    Every responsible modder tests their objects before they share them!

    To test your object, make sure that the interaction a) shows up and b) works from start to finish.

    Step Four: Writing your upload post

    You're free to share your objects for the Grocery Mod anywhere, as long as they are free. You must not:
    • Include the grocery mod in your download
    • Include the actual interaction tuning, etc from the mod in your download
    Your object should not function without the Grocery Mod installed. As such, you should direct people to download the Grocery Mod at the top of your upload page.

    Remember to credit everyone who deserves credit, and remind people to keep their mods updated!

    Finally, if you share content that uses the mod, share it here!
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  2. JPCopeSIMs

    JPCopeSIMs Member

    Feb 18, 2016
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    Done and Done thank you!!!!! Your mod rocks!
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