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Grilled Cheese CC Stuff Pack 2016-02-20

A Collaboration between GrilledCheese-Aspiration, JavaBeanDreams + Holosprite

  1. grilledcheese-aspiration


    Feb 1, 2016
    Likes Received:
    grilledcheese-aspiration submitted a new resource:

    Grilled Cheese CC Stuff Pack - A Collaboration between GrilledCheese-Aspiration, JavaBeanDreams + Holosprite

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  2. Russell Starner

    Russell Starner New Member

    Feb 23, 2016
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    I installed this Sims 4 Grilled Cheese Stuff pack and tried to load my game. When I went to create a female Sim the game crashed several times due to a missing mesh that cannot be found or downloaded at the suggested link. I only get a fake link or dead link.

    Please notify the creator of this pack to include all need meshes to save the player from frustration on hunting down the meshes needed.

    My game has crashed at least three times until I realized that there was a mesh missing. I cannot find this mesh.
    Any suggestions on what to do?

    I would greatly appreciate it if all custom stuff packs for the Sims 4 would contain the needed meshes for the objects and clothing.

    Thank you.
    Have a nice day.
    Russell Starner

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