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BeyondSims New Sims Mobile Update Prompts Backlash From Community

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Global Community News' started by beyondsims, Nov 27, 2018.

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    A new game update has been released for The Sims Mobile and usually this would be a very exciting time – new updates for the game in the past have brought us awesome things like fun quests and the long-awaited Waterfront area!

    In this update, which prepares us for the Christmas period, parts of the world have started to turn into a winter wonderland with sprinkles of snow and you can get a head start in Winterfest with a limited-time quest too. Ice skating has also arrived too!

    But, a new addition has prompted strong backlash from the community and has even started a hashtag of #SimsNObile. And, I honestly have to say I agree.

    All colours for items, new and ones you already own, now cost money. You will now only have the object in the colour that you have purchased it in and will have to pay for these different colours with in-game currency. And it’s expensive. Infact, Iron Seagull shared on Twitter that some colours cost 425 SimCash.

    …Some of the swatches for the most expensive fridge in #TheSimsMobile cost 425 SimCash…basically the price of a stuff pack. A stuff pack! WOW. That’s outrageous even for a free to play game… pic.twitter.com/mjHUJKlfqX

    — Julian/Iron Seagull (@Iron_Cgull) November 27, 2018

    Users on AnswerHQ, EA’s official help website, have also voiced disappointment and confusion around this change, which has not been communicated in the games update notes to users.

    Mai653 said “Why do i have to pay for stuff I already own? Just to get a different colour, that’s super unfair guys”. Other users on social media have expressed their thoughts with the hashtag #SimsNObile.

    Really @TheSimsMobile ???
    I OWN these bracelets.
    Yet, now I have to pay sims dollars to wear them in a different color! this is NOT ok #simsNObile pic.twitter.com/T20wmHGplv

    — Donna-Marie Willow (@SteelersBarbie) November 27, 2018

    What's that?! 10 Euro (= 12$) for ONE fcking Color from a Dress?! I can't believe it. I loved this game, daily player, pay enough cash for this game – BUT THIS?! #SimsNObile @TheSimsMobile pic.twitter.com/ae1kJiuP4t

    — EpicRed (@Epic_Red) November 27, 2018

    Personally, I am very disappointed at this change in The Sims Mobile, and I always speak out when I am. Considering the fact we talking about colour options, and not actual objects, this is a very poor method of monetisation for a free to play game. Yes, free to play games are going to find ways to monetise but I honestly think other ways would have been better.

    As I have mentioned many times in the past, the inventory system and build mode desperately needs a tune up. We need filters for inventory items and the ability to sell, so that building is fun. The amount of times I have wanted to spend SimCash and Simoleons to upgrade my house, but to be annoyed by hunting through my inventory for everything, is astounding. I feel this would be a better way of monetising the game – by fixing the broken mechanics so people are more inclined to pay for items like objects, if they desire.

    Here’s to hoping that EA/Maxis hear the feedback about the latest update. Despite the backlash over the colour swatch costs, here’s also hoping that Winterfest is going to be a fun quest for the Christmas period!

    What do you think about these changes to The Sims Mobile?

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