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Mods Request: Menstruation Mod

Discussion in 'Custom Content & Mod Requests' started by miceylulu, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. miceylulu

    miceylulu New Member

    Jul 2, 2017
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    I know there is already a "Period Mod" but it's more of a trait and not very interactive. It mostly just makes you really hungry, always have to pee, etc.

    What I Would Like:


    -Interaction with toilets to change out tampons / pads
    -Carry tampons or pads with you in inventory / can order them online
    -Cramps buff
    -Increased hunger decay esp for sweets
    -Increased sleep decay
    -Mood swings (switching between buffs)
    -If you don't change out your pad or tampon when you need to, your hygiene will just tank, like if you peed yourself and cause a major negative mood buff
    -Would be able to choose whether it lasts 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, would occur once every 10, 15 days depending?
    -PMS buff with mild discomfort to let you know the period is coming the next day

    More elaborate things not necessary but would be super cool:

    -Be able to ask strangers if they have a tampon/pad if you're out / 50% chance they do / only need to have introduced yourself, not close or anything
    -Periods get synced between roommates
    -Flow /severity would be randomized, sometimes you need to change tampon/pad more, sometimes the symptoms aren't that bad at all
    -Discomfort could be relieved a bit by taking naps or a warm bath?

    So yeah! I know this is complicated, but I'd love for this to exist so much. It would add so much realism to the game :D

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