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By SMagGeorge on Jan 19, 2016 at 4:04 PM
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    Here is a list of commonly asked questions, and their answers, about our website.

    Q: How do I register for an account?
    A: You can register for an account using an email or social network by clicking Sign Up in the top right hand corner.

    Q: Why should I share my content on SimsWorkshop?
    A: SimsWorkshop is a new, fresh and modern way for creators to share their content. We:
    • offer unlimited, free storage for your uploads
    • have an open dialogue with creators, always improving the site
    • have a virtually painless upload experience
    • offer opportunities for you and your work to be featured on SimsVIP and in SMag
    • will never purge your content

    Q: Is this site for TS4 only?
    A: As it stands, yes, but we are looking to expand in the future.

    Q: Are you going to reward the best creators like sites like TSR?
    A: We are working on a way to reward our best creators. Nothing is off the table at the moment!

    Q: Help! I broke X.
    A: Please let us know in the Bugs thread.

    Q: What happens if someone uploads my content as their own?
    A: We take this very seriously. Report the resource by pressing the Report button at the bottom and tell us why you think this is your content.

    Q: Other sites offer similar features to yours. Why should I choose you?
    A: We are an open, friendly, new fansite. We want to work closely with creators and downloaders to create a new hub for content in The Sims, operating as a new type of site that lets it's fans get involved in how it's run. Think of it as a power share!

    Q: There's something wrong with my profile/I want to close my account.
    A: Let a moderator know and we'll help you out. You can see who the moderators are here.

    If you have any other questions then please let us know! Enjoy your time at SimsWorkshop.
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