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SimsVIP The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Global Community News' started by SimsVIP, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Base Game Bliss

    Having the Gallery blues? Too many creations just out of your reach due to content restrictions? Well, worry no more and delve into this treasure trove of pure base game goodies. Each home is custom content free and ready for download in the Gallery. Enjoy!

    MS2 – Base Game Only by vepeixoto03, §18,481


    A single story modern home with minor amenities, a Sim will feel right at home. The open floor plan includes a living area with television, eat-in kitchen with dining set, master bedroom with bookcase and desk plus a bathroom. The back yard has a patio with umbrella dining table.

    Adobe Abode Base Game by Kipperfan, §71,287


    This traditional ranch home fits in with Willow Creek or Oasis Springs. The well landscaped single floor includes a living room with television and fireplace, library with bookcases and computer, eat-in kitchen, dining room, bathroom, child’s room with bookcase, teen room, and master bathroom with en suite bath. The backyard has a patio with barbecue, dining set, an ample swimming pool and monkey bars.

    Brick Paradise Home by Maddie4868, §85,402


    Suburban and practical, this family home has everything a Sim could need to begin their skill building journey. The first floor open floor plan has a living area with television, fireplace and stereo, eat-in kitchen with bar seating, and a home office with bookcases, chess board, easel and computer. The second floor has a bathroom and two bedrooms with full size beds; one has balcony access. The back yard includes a barbecue, dining table and cupcake maker.

    Sandlewood by romagi1, §86,661


    Quaint and cozy, this family home houses four comfortably. The front door opens to the living room with television, fireplace, stereo, chess board and bookcase, a formal dining room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom with computer, child’s room with art table and toy box, teen room with guitar and stereo; both with en suite bath. The back patio has a barbecue and easel, with monkey bars and garden planters in the back garden.

    Salt & Pepper Traditional by sashraf1, §105,477


    Colonial and stately, traditional Sims will be proud to own this black and white American dream. The first floor holds a living room with television and bookcase, a library with bookcase, chess board, stereo and computer, a bathroom and eat-in kitchen with bar seating plus dining set. The second floor has two bathrooms, child’s room, teen room with bookcase and master bedroom with computer and en suite bath. The back patio includes a barbecue, dining set and bench, with monkey bars in the back garden.

    WoodyCottage by Irisjuhhh, §119,587


    Just outside of suburbia, this rustic stone and wood home has everything for country living skill building. The first floor has a living room with television, laundry room, workroom with workbench and game table, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. The second floor has two children’s rooms with toy boxes and bookcases, a nursery with cradle, bathroom, and master bedroom with a not quite en suite bath. The third floor has a home office with computer, easel and bookcase, a bathroom and a teen room. The back yard has a swimming pool, barbecue, dining set, picnic table, monkey bars and garden planters.

    Moderna Calorosa by JuCosta_83, §143,374


    Modern and fresh, this home is an oasis of contemporary living. The first floor has an open living room and formal dining area with reflecting pond, bathroom, entertainment room with television and bookcase, and kitchen. The second floor has a single bed bedroom with computer and en suite bath, and a master bedroom with computer and en suite bath. The back yard includes an entertainment area with unique swimming pool, barbecue and patio seating.

    Rosehaven by cbrock72, §153,000


    A haven in any neighborhood, this traditional home has a modern feel inside, and contemporary details outside. The first floor has a living room with television and bookcase, an eat-in kitchen, bathroom, computer area and master bedroom. The second floor has a skill landing with easels, treadmill with television, chess board and computers, a feminine children’s room with two twin beds, dollhouse, and toy box, a masculine children’s room with two twin beds and a guitar, as well as a Jack and Jill bath nestled between. The back yard has a swimming pool, barbecue, bar, stereo and patio seating with garden planters in the side yard.

    Sorrel House by FOLLYFOOT, §184,859


    The Gallery image side view of this elegant brick home doesn’t do it justice. The first floor has a sitting room with bonsai tree and fireplace, eat-in kitchen and formal dining room with bookcase. The second floor has a master bedroom with television, en suite bath and balcony access, a teen room with television, bookcase, computer and guitar, a bathroom and a children’s room with bookcase and television. The back yard has a chess board and easel; the side yard a swimming pool. Please note that this home contains an item from the Sims 4 rewards pack, it’s decorative and will not affect the overall look of the build if you don’t happen to own it.

    French Vineyard by claytonmast, §199,235


    A faux vineyard never looked so good. Beautiful ground paint and imaginative use of landscaping reaffirms the country feel of a working farm. The first floor of the main house has an open floor plan with a living area including a bookcase, television and chess board; the dining area with piano, and an open kitchen with bar. The guest bedroom with en suite bath leads to the stairs of the second floor, with the master bedroom including computer and balcony access. The second building has an exercise room with treadmill, weight bench and punching bag, and the third building is a workroom with workbench and bookcase. The grounds include lots of room for garden planters and open farming, should looking at this gorgeous land lead to ambitions of leaving the office world behind.

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