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SimsVIP The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Global Community News' started by SimsVIP, Jan 20, 2016.

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    Fairy Fabulous

    Glittering dew drops dance upon leaves in the early morning mist, welcoming fairies in Simland to stretch their wings and greet the day. Magic isn’t far away when you call one of these fair frolics home. Each flutter friendly creation is custom content free and available in the Gallery. Enjoy!

    Fairy Garden Cottage by c0gle, §23,004


    Mystical mushrooms tower overhead when you’re a tiny fairy. This enchanting cottage has an open floor plan with bedroom area, kitchen area, dining area, bathroom, outdoor shower, fishing pond and lots of flora.

    Fairy Folk by HerpoDerpo99, §35,393


    Another poor screenshot from the Gallery has hidden this quirky gem under the canopy of the shade trees. The first floor has an eat-in kitchen with bar seating, the second floor has a home office with desk and bookcase, and the basement has a living room with fireplace, an indoor greenhouse with garden planters and a master bedroom with en suite bath. The back garden holds additional garden planters to help that green thumb skill climb.

    Fairytale Cottage by hmw0126, §41,252


    Cozy and charming, this comfy cottage is well suited for the art and gardening enthusiast. The front door opens to an eat-in kitchen, living room with bookcase, bathroom and bedroom. The back garden has several garden planters, an easel and a picnic table surrounded by lush landscaping.

    Fairy Bungalow by Emabear, §48,009


    Furnished for the lover of the outdoors, this adorable bungalow suits fairies of the single persuasion. The first floor has an eat-in kitchen, small living area and a bathroom. The second floor holds the master bedroom with guitar, easel and bookcase. The back garden has a hedge maze to get lost in. Features wedding arches for decor that still function if your single Sim finds that special someone.

    Sunny Sea-Lodge NoCC by lilie1311, §68,351


    At peace in the woodland or near the sea, this delightful cottage is a wonderful place to get away or enjoy a permanent holiday. The home is divided into two buildings; the first includes a living room with fireplace and television, a kitchen with bookcase, bathroom and a bedroom with two twin beds. The second holds the master bedroom. The patio between hosts a bonsai tree and chess board, with stairs down to the back garden with a water fountain, barbecue and dining set.

    Sun Cottage by leafpotter, §69,182


    Fairy families can settle for generations in this quaint home. The first floor has an eat-in kitchen, living room with bookcase, and the master bedroom. The second floor has an artists’ loft with two easels, a computer, a bathroom and a child’s room with an art desk. The back garden has garden planters and a workbench.

    Whimsical House by Mandykay77, §74,349


    A generous amount of creative imagination went into constructing this wonderful bit of whimsy. The first floor has an open floor plan including a living area with television and bookcase, and an eat-in kitchen with inspiring use of roofing for a stove vent. The second floor holds the master bedroom, child’s room and bathroom. The garden has a swimming pool, monkey bars and fire pit.

    シム猫・原点回帰 by simneko-mofumofu, §88,709


    Nestled inside the stump of this flowering tree lies the home of wee Sim fairies, gnomes or other magical folk. The first floor, above the swimmable ponds and atop the stump, are guest quarters with a bed, sitting area and television. The back yard has garden planters, and a uniquely shaped shed that holds the bathroom. A staircase is nearby, leading to the real living area; a carefully concealed basement. The main living area has a television and bonsai tree, a dining area and kitchen, a bedroom with full size bed, a child’s room with two twin beds, bathroom, master bedroom with full size bed and easel, and a special fire pit room with an outdoor feel.

    Miniature Fairy Castle by kesonkes, §142,951


    Ivy crawls along the stone sides of this mystical castle fit for a fairy princess. The first floor opens to the eat-in kitchen and leads to the bathroom. The second floor holds the parlor with a television, chess board and fireplace; a balcony hosts an easel. The third floor has the master bedroom with bookcase and computer and two balcony points to take in those beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The back garden includes a barbecue, picnic table and swimming pool as well as garden planters.

    Welcome to FairyStone! by YaraZen, §212,465


    FairyStone is an adorable little village for fairyfolk to live and work. The cluster of three buildings includes a bar with bathroom, proprietor’s quarters on the second floor; a residence including an eat-in kitchen with bookcase, bedroom with two twin beds, sitting room with fireplace and bookcase, and master bedroom with en suite bath. The residence is connected by balconied bridge to the last home which has a kitchen with bar seating, a sitting room with television, bookcase and a bathroom, a bedroom with twin bed, computer and en suite bath, bedroom with twin bed and balcony access with a bench. The grounds have a fireplace with comfy seating, swimmable pond, fire pit and garden planters.

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