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By SMagGeorge on Feb 18, 2016 at 2:52 PM
  1. SMagGeorge

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    Jan 1, 2016
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    SMagGeorge submitted a new resource:

    The Sims 4 Grocery Store Mod - They're back! Take your Sims grocery shopping!

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Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Mod Releases' started by SMagGeorge, Feb 18, 2016.

    1. bethanyliz
      Awesome! So excited to try it out!
    2. macthekat
      I love the idea. Would it be possible to add the same functionality for some more old-timey meshes? Like perhaps the marked stall from sims 3?
      For all of us playing the history challenge :)

      And again thank you for doing this - it's pretty amazing
    3. Whatkindofsim
      It would be cooler had you credited graycurse for the coding you've used.

      Code Theivery isn't cool to be doing, man.
    4. Josh
      So I'm playing devil's advocate here:

      Any chance you or someone else reversed engineer the code to show there is common code between the two mods?
    5. Whatkindofsim
      It's been noted by Graycurse-sims herself and she's contacted GS on Tumblr about this, to which he supposedly promised credit but has failed to bring up.

      (and photo evidence coming up)
    6. Josh
      I'll bite. Link?
    7. Whatkindofsim
    8. Josh
    9. Josh
      So given that a whole two hours has passed, I can only assume that's the best one can do to discredit my colleague.

      My comment is as followed: Nice try.


      In regards to Cinderellimouse and CrackFox aka simlifecc:

      Both received the proper credit. They are listed on the main page of the mod.
      In fact, Cinderellimouse is an active contributor to this mod.

      Moreover, this mod's release was delayed by a few days so @SMagGeorge could obtain all the proper clearances and permissions from CrackFox aka simlifecc so that the mesh could be used.

      In regards to using GrayCurse's code:

      First observation: Who is "we"?

      Second observation: Please do not simply look at the a specific part of text, but look at what its intended to do here. Specifically in this aspect, it's calling a Function. The functions being named:
      • Func_Ingredient_Fish
      • Func_Ingredient_DairyMeat
      Note that GrayCurse's mod is specifically being supported and referenced on the main page of the mod.

      Invoking a function is not plagiarizing code. To believe invoking a function is plagiarism is completely unreasonable.

      To have proper integration with Graycurse's mod, it is completely reasonably that some code references and the use of function names within GrayCurses' mod would be used.

      Without using GrayCurse's function name, there can be no integration of GrayCurses' mod with the Grocery Shopping Mod.

      The above accusation is the same as saying Twitter or Facebook is plagiarizing Apple's iOS Code or Google's Android Code because it references the same function name within either Android or IOS that allow an app to read your Contact App.

      Let's move along folks. There is nothing to see here.

      Thus far, I've seen nothing reasonable here. Only thing I can see is some desperate, half baked failed attempts to slander and tarnish the reputation an honorable member of the Community by less than honorable individuals.
    10. digibudi
      Definetely going to try this in my game this evening. I've missed grocery shopping in TS4. I also miss home delivery, online ordering. :)
    11. LauraM
      My gs freezer does not show up under the refrigerator section. I cannot buy items, I downloaded the merged file. I tried just the DIY and then the Individual files that were not diy and none of the 3 options worked for me. Any ideas /
    12. Whatkindofsim
      sorry, I'm a bit busy at the moment (RL stuff)
      but Also Here's CrackFox's TOU... I noted no credit or permission from CrackFox
      I'm so sorry I have other priorities than to argue with people online. I didn't know I needed to stop my world to prove something to you and if I don't do it within your arbitrary time limit I'm just a desperate person reaching to slander.

      If this means anything, we have graycurse here saying she didn't want any part of her mod used without asking. If what you're saying is true about him having gathered permissions and such, I wouldn't have Graycurse in Slack saying otherwise.
    13. SMagGeorge
      Hiya! Can you find it under Misc Storage?
    14. wuccwzt
    15. Josh
      CrackFox is also known as SimlifeCC. Case in point: http://simlifecc.tumblr.com/

      More to the point, community members involved on this mod have stepped forward in defense of George.

    16. angels_bakery
      Sooooo, I'm loving this mod lol but I have no idea how to stock the fridge! When I click as an owner, it just says "open". But when I click as a customer, it doesn't do anything....???
    17. SMagGeorge
    18. Hey Dave
      Hey Dave
      Hello there, I can't see the menu correctly, its because I have my game in Spanish? and the mod is English only?


      Thanks for your help!
    19. SMagGeorge
      I believe so. There are no strings for other languages. I'm going to work on that in a future update.

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