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BeyondSims The Sims 5 Reveal Likely in October According to Insider

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Global Community News' started by beyondsims, Sep 15, 2022.

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    With the recent news that The Sims 4 base game is going free to play, with further big Sims 4 announcements on the way, whispers of the next generation of the franchise are coming into play.

    Jeff Grub, a games industry insider, has suggested that The Sims 5 is likely to be revealed during The Sims Summit next month – which will be streamed on October 18th.

    Whilst the game is due to be revealed, the release of The Sims 5 is still likely to be quite a way out. The Sims 3 was revealed in March 2008 which was almost a year and a half before launch. The Sims 4 was also revealed in May 2013, which was also a similar timeline between announcement and launch.

    You can listen to the remarks about The Sims 5 around the 29 minute mark of the video below.

    Please note that this should be taken as a rumour at this stage, though with The Sims 4 being 8+ years old, it could be a good time to start talking about the future of the franchise too.

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