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BeyondSims The Sims FreePlay Holiday Français Update Now Available

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Global Community News' started by beyondsims, Apr 21, 2020.

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    Parlez-vous Français? We have been teasing the upcoming update for The Sims FreePlay over the last few days, and now it has officially launched!

    Your Sims will need to brush up on their French as they are about to experience Paris, the city of art, fashion, food and culture. In the latest update of The Sims FreePlay, you will be able to unlock your own spectacular art gallery! Your Sims are sure to be enchanted by the antique treasures, sculptures and classic paintings perfect for viewing, critiquing and even sketching! These ornate pieces will bring the rich history of Paris right into the heart of SimTown.

    Gallery Français Live Event

    Starting May 1st, complete the Gallery Français Live Event within the time limit and unlock your very own Parisian-inspired art gallery filled with décor that adds a touch of class and captures the chic style that Parisians are renowned for.

    The grand prize is a 5 story gallery-styled house lot complete with a Parisian garden and elevator to access all floors (including the basement). You can’t miss the spectacular floor to ceiling windows, marble statues, library room, artwork displays and mezzanines with a double level hanging chandelier. Renaissance accents, provincial passageways, candelabras and romantic garden touches all capture the spirit of Paris.

    The aim of this event is to collect enough resources from the Arts and Crafts Stations (found in the ‘Event’ tab of the Home Store or your inventory) to unlock all the items in this event but be quick – this event is only live for 10 days.

    Downtown Developer 2 Event

    A second glamorous Apartment Block lot and 3-story penthouse apartment await as part of the new Downtown Developer event! Work with Joe the Geologist to gather resources and unlock the luxurious 3 Story Onyx Towers’ building and apartment, filled with contemporary décor!

    If you haven’t already, reach level 13 and complete the ‘Simtown Express’ Discovery Quest in the bottom left corner of the map. This will unlock the Downtown district and access for you to start creating your next dream build! Please note the first Downtown Developer event must be completed before the second can be started.

    Complete Downtown Developer’s final stage within the final stage time limit to earn the fully furnished 3 story apartment. You can take as long as you want to complete Downtown Developer, however there are contractual Major Stage Deadlines. If you do not reach a deadline before the timer expires, there is a cost to continue. However, the next deadline timer doesn’t start until you pay the cost, so it’s easy to catch upand win the 3-story luxury apartment within the final stage time limit!

    If you run out of time but still complete the event, you’ll earn the building but with an empty apartment lot, ready to style however you want for its new Sim owners.

    Read our Downtown Developer FAQ page!

    SimChase – ‘Patisserie Pandemonium’ & ‘Bedroom Bedlam’

    Don’t miss two SimChase events with prizes to make your Sims feel like they’re really strolling down the streets of Paris!

    Kicking off the Holiday Français update is the ‘Patisserie Pandemonium’ Season 14 from Tuesday 21st April! Plan your time effectively to win against your in-game rival Sim and jump in to earn prizes that will compliment your new house lot and transform it into a small business dream.

    The French are known for their bite-sized pastries, tarts and delectable desserts. Who can forget the airy macaron cookies that make for a delicious afternoon treat? You’ll love the assortment of bite-sized desserts on different levels, trays, and displays as the grand prize! Along the way you’ll earn a reception desk with a register, vintage paintings, benchtops, half-wall pillars, dining tables, mirrors and more!

    ‘Bedroom Bedlam’ begins from the 13th May and brings exciting rewards that we know players have been asking for! Host your own extravagant slumber party once you’ve unlocked the incredibly luscious pyjamas outfits in multiple colours for Senior, Teenager and Preteem Sims including slippers and dressing gowns, plus single, double and brand-new bunk beds!

    Read our SimChase FAQ page!

    May the Fourth Be With You!

    Celebrate Star Wars Day by holding a Star Wars themed party in SimTown! Available from May the 4th for the duration of the update, you’ll be rewarded with two free costumes for your Adult Sims to wear! Head to the Online Store to check out the Princess Leia and Darth Vader outfits that will be yours to own forever!


    Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in AEST):

    • NEW SimChase S14: Patisserie Pandemonium! 9-day event starting from Tuesday 21st April.
    • Long Hair Hobby Rerun: 7-day event running from Friday 24th April.
    • NEW Gallery Français Live Event: 10-day event starting Friday 1st May.
    • Player Favorite: The Secret Winter Wonderland Christmas Quest Re-run: 12-day event starting Tuesday 5th May.
    • NEW SimChase S15: Bedroom Bedlam! 7-day event starting from Wednesday 13th May.
    • NEW Maternity Pack 12 – Start a Pregnancy Event between 15th and 23rd May, and successfully complete all your tasks to win maternity rewards!
    • Love is Blinds Event Re-run: 7-day event starting Thursday 21st May.
    • SimChase S1 Event Re-run: Mothers Day Madness! 7-day event starting Saturday 23rd May

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