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BeyondSims Three New GIFs Show Off Seasons in The Sims 4

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Global Community News' started by beyondsims, May 31, 2018.

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    Jan 2, 2016
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    With the news shared yesterday that there will be no depth of snow in The Sims 4, mainly due to the visual aesthetic of the game, the SimGuru’s have been quick to share some nice things with the community.

    SimGuruGeorge has created three high quality GIFs to show off the seasonal gameplay, including winter, and also seasonal decorations on houses!

    Even though there’s no depth of snow, I think winter still looks AMAZING in The Sims 4 world! What do you think?

    Aaaand another @SimGuruGeorge gif. pic.twitter.com/CsyM9U5hDJ

    — Grant Rodiek (@SimGuruGrant) May 31, 2018

    Yesterday I had to share some bad news, and that sucked. @SimGuruGeorge did me a solid and made some super fun .gifs to share with you guys from Seasons to hopefully make up for it. pic.twitter.com/ayaqUHA7E0

    — Grant Rodiek (@SimGuruGrant) May 31, 2018

    Okay, one more from @SimGuruGeorge. pic.twitter.com/ahN3qutqCL

    — Grant Rodiek (@SimGuruGrant) May 31, 2018

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