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BeyondSims Upcoming Event Dates in The Sims FreePlay

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Global Community News' started by beyondsims, Feb 6, 2022.

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    Jan 2, 2016
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    Okay, I will admit that I am a little bit late at showcasing this update for The Sims FreePlay which was announced towards the end of January.

    But, there are loads of in-game events and re-runs happening through February so I wanted to make sure none of you Sims FreePlay fans missed out on being able to participate!

    Whilst some have passed, there are still plenty of others you can get ready for in the coming weeks. Plus, you can start the Downtown Developer 6 event anytime you like.

    • NEW Downtown Developer 6: 30-day event available to start anytime from 25 January
    • NEW Influence Island Season 22 Hacienda Homes: 10-day event starting from 25 January
    • NEW SimChase Season 37 Chinese Lunar New Year: 9-day event starting from 25 January
    • NEW ‘Heart-Fluttering Hacienda’ Live Event: 10-day event starting from 2 February
    • NEW Hair Hobby Event – Oh So Ombre: 7-day event starting from 4 February
    • Influence Island Season 6 Art Deco: 10-day event starting from 9 February
    • NEW SimChase Season 38: Mariachi Mayhem: 7-day event starting from 13 February
    • ‘HANS On’ Player Favorite Event rerun: 7-day event starting from 13 February
    • ‘Fashion Designer Hobby Event – Stockings & Tights rerun: 7-day event starting from 22 February
    • Influence Island Season 23: Palm Springs Bedroom & Bathroom rerun: 10-day event starting from 25 February
    • Maternity Pack 25 rerun: Start a pregnancy event between 25 February – 4 March, and successfully complete all your tasks to win maternity rewards!
    • Ghost Flustered – Player Favorite Questrerun: 7-day event starting 2 March
    • ‘Lofty Lifestyle’ Live Event: 10-day event starting from 2 March
    • SimChase Season 22: Household Blitz!’: 9-day event starting from 6 March

    The Downtown Developer 6 event is probably one of the hightlights here. You can continue your journey to become a Downtown Developer with the sixth high rise apartment building which is now available! Inspired by Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel green roof building, this luxury grand prize lot features luscious foliage across all three levels as well as a roof top pool and car park for Sim’s vehicles!

    Become a Downtown Developer by collecting resources over 30 days to build 3 story high rise apartment blocks, your Sims can collect prizes to ultimately unlock a glamorous new 3-story apartment lot and luxury penthouse apartment. If you run out of time but still complete the event, you’ll receive the apartment prize – however just as a bare building!

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