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Not a Bug Viewing Issue - Possible Bug?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Akuiyumi, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Akuiyumi

    Akuiyumi Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2016
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    Hi and sorry for my english.
    I found a... well I think it's a bug, and it seems it's sticked to my account. Today I was on a cc page, and I clicked on a full view image (not thumbnail one, so it wasn't the lightbox) to see it better, and than I accidentally clicked on another full view image. Both were enlarged, and so was the website. Normal.
    When I clicked again on the images, to make them smaller, they became smaller, but the site not. Now the site i 100% full width of the resolution (it is still responsive), from every pc o browser I navigate it (I use google chrome, but I tried also internet explorer. Not firefox.). The thing is, that this "bug" only appears when I log in. If I log out the site is normal, with the "fixed" width.
    It's not a very big bug I know, but it's a little chaotic to have it full width.
    Also I tried to fix it by logging out, deleting all the cookies and datas from the site, and then logging in again, but nothing changed.

    I attach a screenshot so you can see the bug.


    Thank you.

    P.s. the bug started before the site was down today.

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