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By Josh on Feb 28, 2016 at 5:43 PM
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    Dec 31, 2015
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    When we first conceived SimsWorkshop, we asked ourselves what was our goal? Our mission? We decided to make this a place where we could make the community even better.

    But first, a quick update.

    We started with the amazing resource center, a place where custom content creators and modders can submit work without having to fight mediafire, 4shared, dropbox, google drive, etc. for resources or bandwidth limitations. We made it a place where the Community can actively find brand new custom content for their game, and interact with their favorite custom content artists.

    In the short six weeks we have been around, the Community has astounded us by adopting SimsWorkshop as a “Go-To Place” for custom content. During those six weeks, the SimsWorkshop has:
    • Served over 88,000 downloads of custom content
    • Custom Content Creators submitting over 750 pieces of custom content
    • Modders uploading over 21 pieces of mods (including updates)
    We are blown away at how quickly the community has embraced SimsWorkshop. Best of all, we are not even done yet. Thank you to all the custom content artists like @k-hippie, @Taty86, @BigUglyHag, @midnightskysims, @Annabellee25, @merakisims, @Sims Fans, @Hinayuna, @eightysixsims, and the countless others who have called this place home.

    Our goals simply do not lie with making the community better. It lies also with innovating. We realized during our brainstorming sessions that streamers and those who created custom videos on YouTube were also a form of custom content creators. While streamers do not directly impact our gameplay, they most certainly inspire us to take on new challenges, find new custom content, and play the game we love differently.

    We decided to reclassify videos and streams as custom content. We know it's a bold move, but we realized it is also the right move.

    Today, we are announcing not one, but two new features for streamers and viewers alike.

    The first is our all-new Streams center. We have been actively beta testing this quietly in the background for the last three weeks to iron out bugs, and we believe it is ready for prime time.

    Our streaming platform does not replace existing infrastructure for any streaming service. Rather, we are embracing services the Community uses currently such as Twitch.tv and YouTube Gaming. Our streaming platform is a place where it makes it easier to discover new streams in close to real time that is centered on the game we love.

    Twitch Streamers, and YouTube Streamers may benefit from our streaming platform for the moment as we are allow the entire community to leverage the platform just by having a Twitch.tv account or similar account on a different service. Simply start a stream, tag the game as The Sims 4 (or any of the previous Sims Franchise Games) and it will appear on our feed.

    The next is the launch of the Media Centre. We realized that not everyone of us could watch videos in real time and therefore we sometimes catch the replays. We configured the media center as a place where you catch your favorite YouTubers and Twitch Streamers sharing their latest adventures with The Sims 4. Like the Streams center, we are not duplicating the Twitch or YouTube platforms. Rather we are leveraging their technology and allowing you to directly embed your videos into the SimsWorkshop. This makes adding your existing videos super easy, with time saved on just uploading to your preferred video sharing website. Best of all, by using YouTube or Twitch's platform, we are able to deliver reliable video experience and optimally attracting new users and viewers to your streams.

    I want to thank @Eggzie, @SpringSims, @KitOnlyHuman, and @Curtis Paradis for helping to beta test and provide valuable suggestions.

    We have a lot more in store! Keep an eye out in the coming days for guides on how to submit your YouTube Channel or Twitch Channel onto the Streams as well as how to upload videos to the Media Centre!

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Josh, Feb 28, 2016.

    1. BigUglyHag
      That is awesome! You guys are doing a great job! I seriously never expected my *less than perfect* CC ever to to be featured....or for it to get very many downloads with all of the fabulous creators out there. I'm glad my little contribution to the community is appreciated!

      Thank you for everything you have done!
    2. KitOnlyHuman
      I don't make videos but I've always found it difficult to find a good Let's Play or gameplay I wanted to follow due to the large amount of content on Youtube. I'm so happy about this update so that'll be easier. Now I can watch Sims while I play Sims! Lol.
    3. k-hippie
      We are really old school as we knew Internet before YouTube so this kind of media is not our venue at all but some of the team agree with @KitOnlyHuman : now we can have a better look at it :)

      #NeverSettle is a good motto :D
    4. KitOnlyHuman
      We old people gotta keeup up with the times, man! Get with the flow! Be hip with the kids!

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