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Simstopics Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything! 2.8

You can't be protected children! Mwuhaha

  1. Update: 11/13/2018 - PC / Mac

    Please re-download for the Get Famous 11/13/2018 - PC / Mac patch
  2. New Seasons Deaths!

    S4S updated their program with the new resources from Seasons so I'm now able to update the deaths to include freezing and overheating!

    Any problems please let me know and I'll do what I can to fix them!
  3. Seasons Pre Patch Update

    Update: 06/19/2018 - PC / Mac
  4. Patch Update

    Updated for Update: 2/22/2018 - PC / Mac
  5. 12/12/17 - PC / Mac

    Updated for the 12/12/17 - PC / Mac patch
  6. Please redownload due to bug!

    Please redownload and replace this file with the one in your Mods folder to fix the bug that wasn't allowing children and toddlers to die of starvation. The issue has now been fixed!

    Note that there will be stretching of their skeletons when they die since EA removed their animations for death. Also note that I removed the ability to be electrocuted to death since children nor toddlers can repair anything to get electrocuted.
  7. Pets Patch

    Updated for the 11/7/2017 – PC / Mac patch
  8. May 25th Patch

    Redownload for May 25th patch!
  9. Update needed

    Please redownload due to the 04/13/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version patch! Thanks!
  10. Toddler Patch!

    An update was needed for the toddler patch, please redownload!